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Free nationwide shipping on orders of ₦150,000 or more.

200w Mono-crystalline Solar Panel

200w Mono-crystalline Solar Panel


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High Quality and Efficient 200w Solar Power Panel


Solar panels use special monocrystalline cells to convert light into electricity.

A solar panel helps in collecting solar energy so that it can be used to fulfill general daily electricity needs. It is a great alternative for generating electricity which does not only bring down your electricity bill, but it also helps in reducing carbon emissions by not using electricity produced by fossil fuel.

Solar Panel Mono 200 watt uses the most premium components and raw material.

Solar Panel Mono 200 watt use only ‘grade a’ quality, high purity silicone cells.

  • Maximum power (Pmax): 200 Watts
  • Open circuit voltage (Voc): 40.0 Volts DC
  • Maximum power point voltage (Vmpp): 32.6 Volts DC
  • Short circuit current (Isc): 9.83 Amps
  • Maximum power point current (Impp): 9.31 Amps
  • Module efficiency: 17.89%
  • Power sorting: -0Wp / +5Wp
  • Maximum system voltage: 1000 Volts DC
  • Cells per module: 60
  • Cell type: monocrystalline
  • Connector: PV wire (UL4703) with Amphenol UTX interlocking connectors


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